Air Conditioning Repairs, Services & Maintenance

We offer a gold star service which includes eight different pointers:

  1. Clean and maintain filters.
  2. Check temperature and flow of refrigerant.
  3. Check PSI levels.
  4. Clean and Check all thermostat sensors and calibrate.
  5. Check all visible pipelines and connections.
  6. Check all fans are clear of debris and clean of foreign particles.
  7. Check all electric connections are sound and of correct voltage.
  8. Inspect and clean all drain lines for blockage and leaks and ensure all pumps are working correctly.

To ensure your airconditioning or saturation units work all year round and to give a full lifespan to the machine, these eight pointers are very important to follow twice a year. With all Air Conditioning 4U Spain installations, you will receive a free years service contract and a discounted second year to ensure that you the client will be happy with our product and installation.

Prices are very low in maintaining these products. If you would like to learn more please contact us for an engineer to make an assessment of your requirements. Please click here.


Our installations and products carry 4 year warranties on parts and labour. We are happy and able to offer this extensive warranty as we are confident in the products used and the standard of our installations.


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