Costa del Sol Pool and Household Heating

The sun has been bombarding the earth for millions of years and continues to do so today. In those millions of years energy has been stored in fossil fuels which we seem determined to burn releasing greenhouse gases and damaging our planet.

Air Conditioning 4U Spain has teamed up with Calor Verde. Using advanced technology our systems heat water for swimming pools, water and space heating for both domestic and commercial use, for example Hotels and Apartments. Our partner, the sun, is not only helping us dramatically reduce carbon emissions, but reduce household and commercial heating costs by up to 75%.

Pool Heating Products

Calor Verde’ Ultra Soft Start range of Air to Water heat pumps for swimming pools and spa’s allow you to extend the use of your swimming pool to all year round swimming, allowing you to swim when you want and not only when the sun shines.

Heat Pumps are the only way to cost effectively heat your pool when you need it most, with savings of up to 80% against Oil and Gas heaters, and no need for lengthy periods of sunshine as Solar does, Calor Verde heat pumps allow you to extend the swimming season without having to worry about the running costs.

Our pumps are silent running, reliable, use environmentally friendly refrigerant gasses, 407c & 417a, as well as carry a full 3 year parts and labour guarantee on the unit, and a 10 year anti-corrosion warranty on the Titanium Heat Exchanger. Our warranty is backed by an external team of over 600 fully trained and insured service engineers throughout Spain, Portugal, the Canary and Balearic Islands.

Calor Verde “Ultra Soft Start” Single Phase 200-220v

4.5kw, up to 10,000 litres

12kw, up to 60,000 litres

Calor Verde “Ultra Soft Start” Single Phase 200-220v

16kw, up to 80,000 litres

Calor Verde “Ultra Soft Start” 3 Phase 380v

23*kw, up to 110,000 litres

30kw, up to 150,000 litres


Household Heating Products

Air and Ground source heat pumps are transforming the way we heat our homes and businesses. Steadily replacing and assisting fossil fueled boilers throughout the world, Air and Ground source heat pumps not only reduce our heating bills but also greatly reduce our carbon emissions.

Our ability to harness the surrounding energy and turn it into a more useful form of heat enables us to cut out the expensive middleman, i.e. the gas and oil companies, and utilize the FREE energy available in the atmosphere.

Air Source Heat Pump

Our new range of reversible Air source heat pumps are now seen as a credible alternative to fossil fuelled boilers. Our NEW 2010 range is available either as a combined or spit unit. The ability to function as either the primary heat source or in combination with solar panels, Aerothermal energy will change the way we heat our water and homes.

Ground Souce Heat Pump

Geothermal heat pumps are fast becoming the preferred renewable heat source for the new build housing industry throughout Northern Europe. Our new 2010 range is available to order now.




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